Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Star Wars course at Mythgard!

One of the reasons I created the Poli-Sci Jedi website was because I believe that the Star Wars saga is worthy of serious academic study. Although I haven't always had the time to use this site to engage in that sort of critical inquiry, it definitely remains a part of my long-term plans for my own personal fandom.

Fortunately, Mythgard Institute, an online university specializing in speculative fiction, is making that easier by offering an online course about the Star Wars saga this fall. I've followed Mythgard since its beginnings and am a big fan of its classes. The professors take science fiction and fantasy literature seriously, but don't overanalyze it (as so many high school teachers are prone to do).

Although the course isn't free, it definitely sounds worthwhile. Dr. Amy Sturgis, a professor of literature who focuses on the history of science fiction, will be teaching. Personally, I plan to take the course and write a paper about political institutions in Star Wars (what else?).

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