Sunday, December 2, 2012

Star Wars and History Review

No, this blog isn't quite dead. I've just been busy. However, I recently read the Star Wars and History book and quite enjoyed it. It was an important book for me as it was the first book in a long time to come close to what I'd like to do in the Chancellor's Suite, namely to take the history and politics seriously at an intellectual level. In my review, I point out a few ways in which I think the analysis could have gone even deeper, but overall I liked it. Without further ado, here's the review:

I eagerly awaited this book, being both a Star Wars fan and a scholar of politics. I've always felt there was a lot of potential for scholarship about the historical/political influences on Star Wars. Upon reading the book, I find myself coming away with mixed feelings.


I suspect the book was aimed towards younger audiences or readers with only a passing familiarity with history. In some ways, this book is a great way to encourage wider interest in history. The authors universally convey their passion for history and placing Star Wars side by side with real history shows how exciting reality can be. If George Lucas wants to encourage education, I think this book will go a long way.